Friday, December 27, 2013

Beer Friday. Anderson Valley, Bourbon Barrel Stout

Midway through a two week Christmas break and this beer does not seem warranted. It looks too awesome and should be enjoyed after slaving away for the week. Not sitting around, getting fatter, and laughing at ones own flatulence for a good solid week. Well truth be told this was a pretty awesome week. Christmas is easily the best time of the year, I would choose Christmas over the entire season of Fall if I had a choice. Those who know me know that is a pretty bold statement for one to make. Yet I am comfortable making it as this choice will never happen.

Today's beer comes from the great state of California. A state I have not visited yet, and that is all blamed on Hollywood. Quite sad really when Hollywood is such a small part of the state yet seems so big. California offers incredible mountain biking as well as incredible everything else including incredible douchebaggery from all the celebrities... Oh see how I stereotype? I'm truly sorry California. I wish you had nothing to do with those silly celebrities and their silly hairstyles and their silly marriages. Anderson is located in Boonville, a quick image search on the interwebs and you will truly be envious of where the fine folks have a brewery. This place looks amazing (except for the dumb celebrities.) The brewery opened up in 1987 and sits proudly in what looks like an amazing town which started in a farmhouse and moved to a larger facility to keep up with the demand.

Brewed in Wild Turkey Bourbon barrels this one is unique. Those who enjoy a glass of Wild Turkey bourbon are known to like it for the burn you get cause if the high proof it comes with. That's not my thing but having this brewed in the same barrels has me intrigued. I poured and saw a dark, dark strong looking ale enter my beer testing mug. So dark when you hold it up to light you cannot see through it. That right there boys and girls is pretty awesome. A small one and a half fingered head was the roof of this 6.9% wonder lust brew which went down well with the first sip. Flavours of toffee, malt, and light coffee. Another high alcohol beer that hides the taste well. Not quite a full bodied beer, but damn good.  This beer has class folks and I am now ashamed at my flatulence comment in the beginning of this one.

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5

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