Saturday, December 28, 2013

Trying to Close Out the Year Properly

On a day the cold returned to the river valley so did I.  It wasn't quite bitter cold but it was definitely noticeable on a ride from the Queen to the glorious high level and back on the north side. Nothing exciting happened other than getting real angry after realising I forgot my SD card for my camera and had to resort with taking pictures with a lowly iPod (mind you, that panoramic feature is pretty awesome!)

The valley was busier than I anticipated with the weather with lots of people bundled up out walking. I saw one other guy riding while setting up for the above cover ride picture. Thinking now, I have not seen one fatbike this year. I've seen the tracks, just not the bikes. I think I should get out more for some fatbike spotting so I can run home and tell my family all about my fatbiking spotting experiences! They will love hearing all the grand stories!

riding resorted to running (well, walking) up the stairs for a change of pace

in one word... "warmth"

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