Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Snowy Wonder Ride

Riding in the falling snow is one the greatest things ever. Followed closely by:
* Your children being born
* Getting married
* That dream vacation to Honolulu
* Hitting non stop green lights when in a hurry
* Getting those free hugs by those silly people holding "free hugs" signs at the fair
* The satisfaction of having the perfect thing to say to someone being an asshole
* Getting excited when a train goes by (that ones for me and my wife)
*** I will not put anything sexual on here cause I'm pretty sure my Mom reads this***

But you get the picture, the snow really started when I started riding from Capilano into Rundle and I was in heaven. I wish this could have lasted all day. The only problem was riding through the fresh snow was challenging at times as there were the obvious control problems that come when riding through fresh snow, and I wondered again about fatbikes. Would this have been even better if I was on one? Hmmm...

By the way, still no fatbike sightings.

potty time
the camera didn't capture it but the snow was tough slogging at times, but worth every pedal stroke as it was magical out there today

Ride Ends on Free Sign Day

Terribly sorry, had a good write up for this one but Blogger is sucking. This could be the end of this blog as my old mac does not bode well...