Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ok. I'm done With the Warm Weather Now.

Yes, I get it. It's going to be warm outside for a while now. Can we all go back to normal and have an actual Winter? I'm sure the left wing Volvo driving pro global warming community is having a field day with this, while the right wing pick up truck community is making up some sort of excuse referring back to the 1800's when we would have warm January weather.  Both sides have good points but I don't care what they have to say. I just want to ride my bike in an actual Winter. Is there something wrong with that? This does not feel like January riding at all, I feel as though I am cheating. Winter riding is supposed to be hard.

Mind you the warm weather is making life difficult, so I thought as I slid on my back downhill on an ice covered path as my bike slid behind me. A bit too much speed and the studded tires gave up. The twenty foot slide that followed the incredibly hard and unexpected crash onto the ice was actually kind of fun. Saddened when I stopped I then waited for the pain which did not come. The ice which is clearly visible is a direct cause of the melting and refreezing and it's on all the downhills so be careful boys and girls. Another problem is sinking into the snowy singletrack. A quick experiment in the Roland area and I left quickly as the ruts I was causing would anger some people. I wondered how the fatbikers would fair on the singletrack in this warm weather as I rode away.

Today's ride took me from Capilano to the soon to be doomed pedestrian bridge at Henrietta Louise Park. No headwear other than a helmet was worn and I wished I had my Fall tights on as it was uncomfortable in the Winter garb. I also came incredibly close to removing my gloves. Come on, this is January Edmonton. Act like it!

this stuff could ruin your day, or enlighten it. I kinda had fun sliding down
another fun warm weather challenge. ruts

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