Friday, February 7, 2014

Beer Friday. Skinners, Betty Stogs

Still on a high from last Sunday and it made the week incredibly great. It's hard to explain the feelings of complete euphoria I feel when I think of the win. Goosebumps accompanied with shots of high octane adrenaline. I really can't explain it.  Also this week featured only one ride all thanks to vehicle issues. Nothing too serious just a recall on the Jeep due to a spontaneously exploding gas tank problem. Thankfully they fixed it and I kept calm and chived on for the rest of the week, because some soft porn website told me to do so. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm still bitter about the raging pile of douche that tried running me off the road last night. His chive sticker was very appropriate.

So welcome Skinners , Betty Stogs from Truro, England. Founded in Nineteen Ninety Seven by Steve and Sarah Skinner. Truro is a city in Cornwall on the Western edge of England and looks like an incredible place to visit. The architecture of this small English city makes me quite ashamed when I look at the houses and buildings we have here in our newer urban areas where no thought is put into the future of the looks of the city. Alberta has grown too fast in the last ten years and it has the ugly scars to prove it in any of the major urban centres.

The pour was mild and not as exciting as certain pours have given us in the last couple of years reviewing beer. A small one pinkied head came and went like a jewel thief in Las Vegas at 3 am, the smell was reminiscent of something I have had a while ago heavy on dark fruits and malt. I was deeply intrigued by the aroma of this gold stained beauty. The first taste shot traces of pears, a hint of lemon and it didn't hide the fact that it was a bit bitter, but not too much. Spicy tastes were there but I seriously had a hard time nailing down just how to describe it? Or did I? Nevertheless, this one is worth a pick up if you can find it.

This beer gets 3.5 suds out of 5

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