Thursday, February 6, 2014


A ride that ended with an escape up and out of the valley where I braved crazy lunatics in cars and giant pick up trucks appropriately affixed with loud mufflers and "keep calm and chive on stickers" on their back windows. I could sense they did not want me there and I didn't want to be there. "Why the hell did I leave the safety of the river valley!?" I blurted out while looking down at the road trying to negotiate ice ridges as vehicles whizzed by me at 60km an hour, "and why the hell are these chiver people such assholes? I thought they were supposed keep calm and follow other people cause they have no personality of their own!" I blurted out again. This time to two high school girls walking on the sidewalk. Eventually I found back roads where I felt safe but missed the security of my valley, and I'm sure the two high school girls felt safe as I rode off into the distance.

It all started out ok until I stopped for an extended stay at the Dawson park bathrooms. The warmth was too good so I overstayed my welcome, by the time I started riding again the cold crept in and when I rode to the top of Forrest Heights park the thought of dropping back into the valley sent bigger shivers down my spine larger than the ones already there. I thought I would take the roads back in the dark. What a dumb idea. I was beyond chilled for whatever reason and didn't make very smart decisions.

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a traffic circle at night with deranged drivers while on a mountain bike, not a good idea

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