Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mill Creek - Ewok

Judging by the title, this was a short one. With the high heat and humidity it was deservedly so. A rather uneventful ride on some great trail conditions. This Summer has been incredible and I only wish I could just ride my bike all day, a rather silly daydream I had at work about getting paid to be on a bike all day. I do love my job and all but still... Riding, Summer... Nuff said.

I had wanted to hit Groat Road Rollercoaster today and come back on Victoria's Secret but feeling the legs and overall mood of the body I had a bad feeling about heading out that far and I was right, the ride took me across the doomed walking bridge to Dawson where I flirted with the idea of playing in Kinniard Park with a possible trip to Capilano bridge for the return home but again. Had that feeling. Instead I rode up the tight bad single track that runs along Rowland road (I'm sure that trail has a name too but damn it... well who cares) this trail is quite obvious that it is made for riding down but I am a badass and rode it up (well, walked a bit too).

Once at the top I wanted to take the steep downhill from Mcnally school into upper Ewok but there was a wedding party there about to take pictures but I got ahead of them, dropped the post and rode it down. I'm pretty sure the bride, a couple of the bridesmaids, and one of the Mom's chased me down as they were so enamoured with my brave feat. I swear I heard their footsteps and the pathetic cries of the groom and all the others. One of the girls, I'd assume the brides Mother fell down the steep hill but I didn't stop to help. I mean, who the fuck gets married on a Tuesday? I will have no part in that.

FYI, if you read this and ride in Edmonton, bring mosquito spray. It's real bad in the trees.

return to the doorless, topless jeep and yay, sunglasses are still there.

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