Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Lone Runner

yes, the bike shots are better, those legs though.. rawr!
 The one great thing about the breaking of my wrist is my legs are still mobile. With them being mobile I could at least get out and walk, run, and remain somewhat active without limping around and pouting furiously which is what took up most of last year.

So tonight I did something I thought I would never do and that's run in the river valley. From Capilano park I ran (and walked) towards Cambodia, shed a tear at the trailhead and poured a glass of whiskey. From there I moved on up the hill and made my way back to Capilano park via the north side.

Ironically tons of mountain bikers were at the parking lot in the beginning in that weird way irony has a way of teasing you. Mountain bikers were there to ride the trails, and probably a hundred cross bikes who came out to the river valley to ride in open fields (I'm really sorry, I get it but I don't get it...)

Overall I was happy with my run. 5.7km for the first time on new muscles where a bigger portion was spent jogging as opposed to walking. I will run more around home but the river valley will tempt me every time.

It was a nice night, would have been so much better if, well you know...

awkwardly for everyone walking, running, and riding by, i stood up here and wailed like a baby because i needed to

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