Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Top Five Edmonton Trails

From five to one, with number one being the finest trail in the city limits. This list is open to change as the trails in the river valley are constantly changing with the flow of the valley, a good example of that is upper Ewok Forest. A trail at one time that would probably warrant number one or two on this list but now is quite crappy all thanks to its guts rotting out.

Two will be posted tonight, and number three and two later with number one being revealed in a glorious matter that the Super Bowl Pre Game could not possibly live up to. Once complete the list will be posted on a link in 'The Local Goods.' 

I understand you will probably not agree with this list as you have your own favourites. This is my list and I am sure deep down inside you have yours and while you read this I will feel your scorn of judgement creeping down my neck. I am though quite curious on your thoughts on the greatest #yegbike trails so if you want. Email them to me, address is in my profile. No I am not opening up the comments on here as I know my Mom is out there lurking and waiting. 

Sorry Mom, here is number five and four.

#5. Rolling Below Roland (Andre's Trail).

This, the fifth best trail in Edmonton has overwhelmed my senses at times when rolling through and seeing the diverse hills and trees with a trail carved through knowing you are soon going to be experiencing something special. The photo above could not capture the awesome view that you see when you enter on the East side, climb up and go around the corner. I assure you my friends. This is a feeling that will make you wonder if you are in the middle of a city.

Heading either East or West on it is great although I prefer heading West. A new entrance right after Caddyshack where a new trail was added on to Rolling Below Roland. The extension will test your heart, lungs, and legs especially if you are heading West. 

If you want to avoid the new extension you are treated to some killer switchbacks and insane power climbs or steep drops depending on which way you are heading.

This trail has it all from skinny bridges to tight carving singletrack and quick unexpected climbs if you are a Rolling Below Roland virgin. This little #yegbike nugget will take away your new trail virginity away and make one happy little mountain biker.

#4. West Coast Trail.

Roots and climbs that challenge you. Can you deliver that on a silver platter please? West Coast Trail has been feeding my technical riding addiction for years now. 

Ridden both ways it is awesome. The East entrance is right after Old Timers Cabin where heading West is the more challenging route. Tight singletrack laced with roots from the cavernous evergreens that surround you as you spin the cranks through is something that is very good for the biking soul that feeds you and makes you sane as you talk to that person at work that just wants to discuss their problems all day. 

This trail features a razorback edge and when ridden heading East you get treated to a sharp tight twist to the right, between two trees with some roots and a crazy steep power climb that makes you feel like a champion when you get to the top. That adrenaline rush helps you carve the rest of the trail into little nuggets and once you get near the end the last 200 or so yards a feeling of euphoria envelopes you as you cruise through the downhill towards the exit to the paved trails.

Introduced to me this year quite sadly is another entrance off of Saskatchewan Drive where ridden both ways is quite delicious. I rode past this entrance hundreds of times down on the trail side but never batted an eye on riding it. This just proves that all trail entrances need to be explored so you know what's out there. 

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