Sunday, November 23, 2014

Game Changer

Taking the new 9:Zero:7 Winter wonder bike out today exclusively to Terwillegar to break it in to Singletrack was the tall order of the late morning. I wanted no part of any paved trail, I don't care that they are snow covered, this was to be a mountain bike ride. Terwillegar you say?

Yes. Terwillegar, I pulled in and I swear I saw a couple eating sushi beside their SUV making me almost pull a Burt Reynolds 360 degree spin out and leave in a furious pace...  I swore that off as a brain anomaly thus ended up staying. The attention I received from riding this behemoth of a bike was expected from the river valley newbs, but the normal trail going Terwillegar folks didn't care as they see these bikes daily. Which made me happy.

Once again I started the ride grinning like a maniac while staring at my incredibly large front tire leading the way. This bike really is ridiculous, how many times can I say that? Riding this bike has boosted my Winter riding confidence over 100% and it's only been two rides. It will take me, the simple minded cyclist to get over the fact that this front tire takes up the whole trail while riding tight singletrack... Again. Hilarious. The perma-grin from riding this bike will most likely not go away until late next Winter season.

Seeing what this bike can do in the snow brings bike riding goosebumps to no end. As I said earlier the confidence given on these tight trails has never been higher in the snow months. The speeds I attained on the singletrack were something I never felt before in the Winter (maybe it's just the bike-meth talking) but I had no trouble pushing it on the singletrack and hit each turn with the confidence of a 68 year old man in a room full of 75 year old women at a singles conference. Yes. I was that confident.

I only had trouble on the off-camber spots where I could not trust my tires to hold me. I rode them incredibly slow and it held me saving me from almost certain doom. "YESS!! FAT BIKE" I yelled out ignoring the fact it was the 45NRTH, Dillinger tires holding me up. Soon the off camber shit will be laughable on this thing, get ready Fort Saskatchewan.

This bike is a game changer. I think it will be a life changer. Yes I sound like a complete weirdo but I know this will now change my Winters pulling them in a completely new direction thus altering my life. I have ridden mile after mile of mindless multi use trail and paved, yes, enjoying the ride but little did I know... I could be riding the glorious Summer trails... Game Changer.

overexposed, but somewhat saved from the computer, nope, overexposed winter wonderland. 
the all too common terwillegar shot

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