Friday, January 16, 2015

 Do I dare bitch about the warm weather that everyone is currently frolicking in? Happy as pigs in mud that they don't have to suffer the cold affects that come with an ordinary Alberta Winter.

Well you moved here. You grew up here. If you don't like cold weather. Move. It's that simple.

Yes, this warm weather has me quite bitchy if you haven't figured it out. Its the 16th of January and it's 5°. That's messed up. It seems to get worse every year and ironically NASA came out with a report today on how 2014 was the warmest on record.

Nope to warm weather in January is all I'm saying, I love my cold Edmonton Winters.

The ride today from Capilano was ridden toqueless (for you Americans "beaniless") as it was that warm. Sweat dripped from my head at points in the ride to Dawson bridge and back.

This was a very funereal ride. My legs screamed at every pedal stroke. I tried to avoid every hill and eventually avoided each trail as I came by them. I think I'll take tomorrow off. Wait a minute. Did you say beer review?
this is possibly the end result of two complete and total fuckwad's falling in love, please God, don't let them breed

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