Sunday, March 22, 2015

Yes, We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

The photo above is all you get as they do not act too friendly with camera wielding maniacs like myself. That is behind camp on a snowy day early in this trip. Bears and wolves have been spotted in this area making me forever thankful I have my trusted 12 gauge at my side at all times.

We apologize for the lack of updates. This officially is the longest this site has gone without an update. Upper management, middle management, and lower management have all been fired due to this atrocity. We ended up here in the middle of the bush an hour or so North of fort McMurray armed with an iPad that does not post videos. 

Yes. Technology 1 - Lonebiker 0.

Hence. You have gotten one hundred percent nothing since March 9th. 

The return to Edmonton is not for a while now. April 2nd is now scheduled for what will truly be a glorious return. An update may come or it may not in that time so be patient my friends. 

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