Thursday, April 2, 2015

24 Days in the Bush

a well deserved beer night sans beer review

Is this a Beer Friday night? Yes, but without the pushy narcissistic interns or douchebag executives who have all been fired, rehired, and then fired again. All in the wake of twenty four days of one blog post.

First day back and life seems strange on this side of the world. When home a giant hug was had between myself and the bikes (after the kids of course) and promises were made about getting out and going out for a ride or five. The experience was more than positive and I hope this lasts a bit but things are winding down which means things will return to the Lonebiker website with repeated ride reports day in and day out possibly throughout the Summer.

Sigh... I know.

Here, have some MTV without the motion in wake of my absence. I'm going laptop shopping in the coming days. this became my song for the last three and a half weeks until I got sick of it.

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