Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Skinny Tires

Switching back to the Summer bike for a ride in the Spring on what is most likely my last ride attempt before I head back. The ride which started at the Queen where I rode East towards Capilano bridge, crossed, entered Capilano and rode the opposite way back.

Riding the regular mountain bike was the strangest feeling I have ever had on a bike in my life. The Rocky Mountain felt incredibly awkward and my mind did not trust that front tire. I think it is a normal reaction after staring at that behemoth front tire for the last five months.

Seeing as how the trails are not ready yet I stayed on paved almost the entire trip. That being said if you are new to riding and want to head out on the trails, give them a bit more time. The mud and ice is still there and riding on them wrecks the awesome that they are. So please stay off. Or else I will treat you like one of my beer interns. You don't want that.

The ride, just like the last fat bike ride a few days ago was quite uneventful. Tis the season for boring pavement rides. It was boring, uneventful, half the ride took place in the downtown core and it was still awesome.

Bikes. I love you.

tempting but i know better
oh alberta, you so silly

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