Thursday, April 9, 2015

Trail Spotting at 15,000 Feet

I have flown out of Edmonton countless times and have never gone over the city. Seeing as how most trips have been spent going South seeing the city from this angle was never going to happen. My excitement rose as I realized we would soon be over the river valley after taking off from Edmonton international. I let out a giddy "awesome" as we got close to the valley. My view looking East gave me the entire Canada Cup circuit, Mill Creek, all the way down to Cambodia. Everything was there saying good bye.

I will be back in two weeks, hopefully the rides and bikes will be better planned out. With only six days home after being gone twenty five. I panicked a little and wasn't quite ready for the rides. Yes, family comes first. Bikes come second.

I have been up all night and my editors warned me not to post anything at four in the morning. I hope when I read this in the afternoon it makes perfect spence and there are nope errors.

See you soon trails. It was nice seeing you from up above.

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