Monday, August 3, 2015

No Bikes, But Still Awesome

Away from the bikes for the weekend to take my beloved Jeep into the mountains and have him turned into a man.

The weekend can be described best as the best non-bike weekend spent in the mountains. It was better than a few bike mountain bike trips I have had.

My previous experience in the mountains with engine driven machines was a quad I owned for two years which turned me off incredibly because well.... quads are dumb.

So the scepticism was a bit heavy going into the weekend.

Tagging along with Jason, we were a group of ten in Crowsnest Pass. A place I will never bring my mountain bike from what I have seen. Although there are the unknowns. I mean cripes! It's the mountains. The area did have a very redneck vibe to it so it really is hard to say what mountain biking would be like.

The group was incredible. They were very helpful in this noobs process of four wheeling. The trails were quite tame in their standards but the experience was almost do I say?... Life changing.

Today was spent looking at future upgrades to the Jeep, cause well that stock shit performed well, but it's gotta go!

Photo credit Jason Kirkpatrick. 4th from top. Last 2 photos on bottom.

Jason's Photobucket photoset here Click Me!
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