Saturday, April 9, 2016

Hero Dirt, Hero Bike

I heard the reports from Jason and Gord. I saw the posts on the Facebook pages. Twitter even delivered the good news.

The trails are open! How incredibly early.

Me and my traditions being what they are I could not just bust out the Summer bikes. I had to go see for myself on the Spring bike. Once I see the trails with my own two eyes then I can make the decision to break out the Summer wonder rides.

I knew the ride would be very short. Iron Maiden wrecked me. It started at Henrietta Louise where I crossed the water and rode east where I dipped my feet into the singletrack leading to the fenced yard (you all know what I'm talking about). Instantly the once sluggish, sad, and weird feeling Stumpjumper became alive. The trails were its bitch and it was in the mood for some trail slaying.

Serious bike riding boners were had.

I rode the multi use to the Capilano footbridge and crossed and started heading back. A trip to the washroom to water up was quickly averted after seeing a load of old ladies taking a cpr course on the floor. Every ounce of my being told me to get the fuck right out of there when I looked through the window and saw what was going on.

Risky Business was the highlight of the ride. Again the Stumpjumper handled it like a dream. I even let out a loud "Wheeeeee..." as I descended the switchback.The ride did end all too soon.

In the end the Stumpjumper is put away and I gave my Summer bikes a good pep talk.

We are ready for this..

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