Saturday, June 11, 2016

Beer Friday. Anderson Valley, Hobneelch'n Hoppy Wheat Ale

Ladies.. Gentlemen. Welcome back to another installment of beer Friday after a two week hiatus. This one comes on a Saturday as I worked the day and have one day ahead of me to chillax and get ready for another Monday.

The work day went like this:

Heavy rain was in the forecast so I was expecting to go home early due to wetness.

Waking up I saw 'imminent rain' on my phone telling me I'll be back home soon.

Driving to work very light rain was being brushed away from my wipers as I thought it will pick up and I would be home, cause you know... bikes.

Three hours in with heavy clouds and a light spattering of rain I knew we were staying. The weather was just there to fuck with me.

Having to run to the port-a-potties to talk with lonebiker executives via personal lonebiker company flip phone to explain no ride was happening today was awkward at best. One they were settled down it was decided that a beer review was imminent!

Bring on Anderson Valley, Hobneelch'n Hoppy Wheat Ale. Anderson Valley Brewing from Boonville, California. Home of Obama, Trump, fat fucks in motorized wheel chairs, and the Miami Heat. That's right, that's America bitch!

So why was the cover photo taken with a Canadian flag in the background I ask out loudly in the beer review centre? My head photographer just shrugged. My head photographer was just fired.

Anderson Valley was established in nineteen eighty seven. The year of the great tornado in my hometown. Boonville looks like quite the sweet place to live. A town taken right out of some dumb Hollywood movie glorifying teenagers growing up all the while being ravaged by a serial killer.

Good God what a pour tonight! A two fingered head explored the outer reaches of the test glass like the Space Shuttle exploring space. It was almost hypnotic. A strong presence of wheat resembling an IPA which would throw off the most amateur of beer reviewer. Not us! Were krow's!

Shit, I mean pro's! Thats what I meant.. Firing my grammar manager right this second... What's that? I should have fired my grammar manager years ago? Oh that's cold...

The taste was what a wheat ale should be. Wheaty. Simple. Hoppy bitterness does jump in as well as citrus. The mouth is liking this but want's more, although this one is doing me well after a six day work week.

The minimal lacing left on the glass was sexy enough to love this one a little more than it should be deserving of. Good Lord I love me a lacing traced beer glass..

This beer gets 3 suds out of 5

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