Friday, September 2, 2016

Beer Friday. Schneider Weisse, Tap 6 Aventinus

Eighteen-Seventy-Two. Ya bitch, that's is when this brewery was born. If for one second you are going to think we at Lonebiker Beer Friday Reviewing Industries are not excited for this than please shut down your device and proceed to the nearest freeway and run head first into the first Toyota Corolla you see.

Are you done yet? Hurts doesn't it? Welcome to another instalment of Beer Friday on the eve of a craptacular rain filled Friday night. Something about this weather here in Beaumont this evening somehow spells out "riding multi use tomorrow." Yes it's going to be another one of those weekends. Thankfully we have one pretty kickass looking German beer to review.

Seeing the date of this brewery's inception I could not help but to get a little bit excited. 1872... I mean 1872. Fuck me.. How awesome is this? I have in my possession a very old school German brew. I don't think I can bring myself to open it. It's just too special. When I look at this beer I see German beer wenches with arms up high loaded with oodles of this glorious stuff serving it to patrons at Oktoberfest.

Damn... I should have waited till October to review this.

Too late, the interns are here!

The pour had quite possibly the biggest crowd ever. Other beer reviewers and their interns, executives, pourers. All came to watch. This was a big deal. Our newest head pourer Charlize seemed unfazed by the pressure and she poured a perfect dirty golden beer that looked like it was running down the spillway in the street for a couple of weeks, yet it had the excitement of getting to see Heaven. The head quickly dissipated which made me a bit disappointed but I got over it once I tasted it and was awash in a full figured beer that threw caramel, bananas.... I uh.. Don't know how to really describe this one. The flavour is pouring out of every orifice. It's incredible.

If anything, I can complain about and say it's too fruity?

Get this one. You owe it to yourself

This beer gets 4.5 suds out of 5

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