Sunday, September 4, 2016

Quenching the Bike Thirst

A much needed bike rice on the long weekend happened after missing out on riding yesterday. Today's ride almost was omitted as a very late night happened the night before.

The ride was classic Lonebiker as I was all alone in the woods and it was magnificent. I went where I wanted and took long ass forty year old coffee breaks as I sat and pondered at just how nice the valley can be. Just do that, you owe it to yourself. That valley is quite magnificent. Not saying I don't like riding with the Lonebiker brethren. They are the brethren after all. Just nice being all by yourself. I truly feel sorry for people who need to be surrounded by people.

The ride started in Kinseman and looped over the Quesnell after avoiding lots of stuff on the south side. Multi use took me pretty much to the shiny balls and I returned on the North side into Laurier through dog crazed lunatics who looked at me menacingly as I approached. The trick to beating them you ask? Kill them with kindness. Slow down, smile, ask how they are doing and let them know the number in your group. I'm sure some of them have a bad image of mountain bikers as they have been run down in the past.

The long slow climb out of Laurier took me to Mackinnon where slippery wet roots challenged me and the hardtail. In the end we won and the roots were defeated. I took the new extension off the pussified Back Breaker and turned around. Ninety degree turns with steep power climbs angered me (and it is a new trail that is wet which didn't help.)

I appreciate the trail work going on immensely but have been finding I will be avoiding some of these as there is no trail flow whatsoever. Switch backs with short power climbs repeatedly tend to get old quickly. I'm sure even to the power lung riders out there.

Oh sorry... Am I being grumpy? I love the trail work, those guys are my heroes. Just make them flow a bit better is all I ask.
another great view discovered, damn i love this valley
potty break brought to you by das moots and the leaves

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