Thursday, September 22, 2016

Mod Yard Detox in Full Force

*Edit. The above pictures are somewhat of a farce as you can not see the pain that was strongly evident in the eyes, the ears, the nose, and just overall.

Working through the entire Summer with very little bike rides has taken it's toll.

Nevertheless, an awesome ride from the old school Mill Creek to the Science park all on the South side on the outward loop. The back home loop, a different story. Multi use and paved took me home on overly tired legs and a worn out riding soul.

It started in the upper Mill Creek sexy and saucy singletrack. The climb up was a sufferfest but the overall feel of a nice bike on some damn fine singletrack was just what the Doctor ordered. From Mill Creek I hit the lower trails to Dawson Bridge which brought on a very dirty bike and rider giving the impression that I was kicking ass to the novice viewers.

I can't be to upset of today's performance. After riding Caddyyshack, Andre's, and Risky Business I had grown quite a bit of confidence. That being said the confidence came after countless granny gear climbs.

I mean countless. The bike automatically shifted there without me touching anything when a hill approached.

I did get off and fell to my knees on one climb in Caddyshack and yelled out to the bike Gods pleading for more granny gear. "Come on!" looking up at the sky pleading with someone. "Just gimme a bit more granny for the push up!" Eventually I lost it and yelled "SOMEONE MAKE THIS FUCKING EASIER FOR ME DAMN YOU!"

A small flock of birds took off from a group of trees in the distance.

This shit was getting ugly.

I pulled it together and rode through Gold Digger and Cambodia with one push up a hill. By the time I got to the Science park I knew I was returning on the multi use and paved on the easiest route possible.

Which I did. I had a hard time making it back. Baby steps, I should have taken baby steps...

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