Tuesday, October 18, 2016

After Work, After Dark

Tonight's ride report is brought to you by the iPhone 5S. I mean these photos are of exceptional quality! I have never been more proud of a group of photos I posted on here in all my years of Lonebikerness..

That's right, suck my ass Apple.

On a meet up with Gord I didn't really care about the pics, I just needed a bike ride and wanted to see if it could be done after working a long twelve hour day. The answer is yes, not surprisingly you can ride a bike anytime you want, it's just how you feel doing it is what counts. Tonight I was hurting but pressed on with Gord leading me through his neck of the woods. An area we have visited on fat bikes in the Winter months.

The area is what I always referred to as "Mill Creek, Millwoods" and is an area that could be a hidden gem to the local riding folk looking for a good riding fling close to home. The area needs work and is getting worked on by Gord and some other fine chap whom I have not met. Singletrack from the multi use with power climbs and sketchy drops serve up a time away from the river valley.

As I said, the area is still being worked on and it was my first time on it without snow. A fair amount of log crossings were had (most rideable) but I was defeated on lots.I liked to blame the bike which was running incredibly shitty even for a shitbike but I blame myself. Yes I was tired from work but Gord worked today as well. He pushed through his trails like Eddie from Iron Maiden armed with a dagger would push through a crowd of country and western fans at a country fair.

He slayed.

this picture is so awesome i think it literally brought steve jobs back to life
no wait... this one did! you can see his soul returning between the trees

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