Thursday, December 29, 2016

Shoed In

 A ride that was supposed to happen in the morning but didn't all thanks to new comfy sheets which kept me in bed for a lot longer than I wanted to this morning. That and I decided to put my coffee maker in my room which seems hilarious (or maybe just real sad) but is pretty much the greatest thing ever.

Today I wanted to do some grown up things after the ride so it was of upmost importance I ride in the morning. Once I was actually up I threw away the idea of riding to take care of the things an adult must do. Like sand the wall down that needs painting, clean up lonebiker headquarters (aka the den), and get the Jeep set up for inside bike transport during these warm days.

In the end I threw that all away to go riding.

Smart move..

The ride started at Old Timers where I climbed up to Dirty Mattress and saw no activity whatsoever. I passed by awkwardly than turned back and rode it making fresh tracks after all the animals. It was a great way to start the ride going through the unridden snow. Soon I was on Old Timers where I headed East through Skyline passed through the doomed Cloverdale bridge area paid my respects and kept going.

Eventually I crossed Dawson bridge and rode the Jasper Traverse and came back across to Andre's trail. The warm snow combined with my inability to lower pressure as I again forgot my new cartridges made things a bit dicy on the steep climbs. Please throw down your computer or device and stand at attention and slow clap me once again.

Once on Happy Ending I noticed that my boot was wide open. Quickly I realized the zipper broke and my shoe was officially fucked.  I hit CaddyShack and I got angrier and angrier as I felt the cold attacking my now exposed foot. Thankfully it wasn't cold today so I could manage.

The fun part of the ride ended after riding through middle Ewok. The rest of the trip was paved. The open shoe ended the fun.

Till next ride? We could be down for a little while till I get this shoe problem figured out kids. No chance I can ride with an open flap.

see whats missing? 
making fresh tracks with the animals
happy happy, joy joy... till my shoe turned on me

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