Sunday, January 1, 2017

Beer Friday Beer of the Year Twenty-One-Six

After last nights amazing review of Brouwerji De Molen's, Hair of the Dog I thought it was game over for everything else reviewed last night.

So today I did extensive research on the last years previous beers and came up with the four best from this year. All four had the exclusive '5 suds out of 5' rating which meant that they were perfect in every beer category:

* Bottle label design (yes we take that shit serious!).
* Reactions from the pour as per how the beer behaves.
* Reactions from interns (are they showing respect to the reviewer)
* Looks in glass after the pour.
* Head and lacing on glass as the beer is enjoyed.
* Smell.
* First taste.
* Second taste.
* Lifestyle of this beer. Does it live a fulfilled and happy life (very important).
* Overall feeling once it is almost done.

So honestly in no particular order...
Text under photos are links to review.

Duclaw Brewing, Sweet Baby Jesus
Mikkeller, US Alive

Alley Kat, Red Dragon Double IPA
Brouwerij De Molen, Hair of the Dog

So get out there kids, try and find some of these. Some may be discontinued or real hard to find. I have had several emails from people asking where I find these beers. Quite a few of the beers reviewed on here are donations from awesome folks. If you are in the Edmonton area this is where I get the beers when I am buying:

Sherbrooke Liquor Store < Probably the best store in Edmonton, unreal beer selection that will blow you away. Bring a warm coat cause you will be in their cooler for a long time.

Wine and Beyond < A bit like the Wal Mart of liquor stores. Good craft beer selection, can pick up and fill growlers which is pretty cool. But something just seems evil about it. Located in various parts of the city (like wal mart).

Sobeys Beaumont < My hometown store. Overpriced like the rest of Sobeys grocery stores but for being so close it has a great craft beer selection.

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