Thursday, June 15, 2017

Singletrack Says No

Kent cut his hair. Seriously that has got to be one of the biggest bummers I've experienced this riding season. Maybe one of the biggest disappointments  in the last five years of riding bikes. Trails have come and gone, bikes have broken. Bones were broken, Yet I always had that joy in seeing the flowing locks of Mr steeves hair as we rode through singletrack or around town. it was fucking magical.

Now it's gone.

The upside to the day was finally getting to meet and ride with Zara, Kent's girlfriend who got into this mountain bike thing last season. We didn't get to the trails today due to the weather but the riding we did do, she proved that she is one badass chicquitita burrita. A final climb up the hill from the westside heading to Capilano Park from the bridge solidified her badassery. It was awesome and made me think less of Kents stupid short hair.

With torrential downpours happening throughout the day. You know, the kind of day that rains and stops and then rains again, the sun will come out and then it rains yet again. Perhaps one of the more annoying days in the weather system that we get in Alberta. Yet it happens every year.

The ride from Capilano park went... Well kind of everywhere downtown. A posting of the Strava tracks will give some insight.

The ride started off kind of slow and boring but once we went back in the valley it was decided to get up into town again and ride up some parking lot towers (sure that's not what they are called but I'm good with calling them that). Great views were had and eventually security kicked us out of one because you know... Three white people in cycling clothes on expensive bikes.

Whoa man! That right there is big time trouble!

We ended the night on a sketchy dark unlit return to the valley, we crossed the bridge and Zara performed her badassery display of awesome up the hill.

A great ride on a shit day. If only Kent had kept those magical locks flowing...
waiting patiently for kent, zara and a cafe stop

its flacid, its feminine, what the actual fuck?
*Kent Steeves. Photo credit, fifth down from top.

*Edit. Grammar and spelling may be off for a bit. This was all done on my shitty fort Mac camp laptop and the Lonebiker editors are on holiday.

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