Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Suddenly Singletrack Part 2 (The shortened version)

Pretty much half the distance I traveled yesterday with just as much singletrack heroin feelings. The ride from old school MillCreek again to mid Ewok where I stopped at the East exit and stared at Dawson bridge wondering if I had time to keep going as Mrs Lonebiker was waiting. I decided to ride the high side of Ewok back and it was quite incredible.

Nothing notable to report really. The pot smokers were out as always. There was a bit more mud on BirdHouse trail as one would expect with sections of the trail washed out. So a heads up if your riding down there although it would take a complete blithering idiot to ride into the now exposed river.

The hills were climbed a lot more easily with good recovery on the crests which is upsetting as when I go back to work all that progress will be washed away. Just like those trails.

turn right! turn right! oh you idiot, you didn't turn. splash!

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