Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Brethren TriFecta

 Well it was something the executives said couldn't be done. A ride with all three brethren members on time off on separate occasions one on one.

A meet up with Gord on a cold day with the fresh snow still being a dominant factor in the mighty valley.

Mill Creek was the main player as we set out from the high side pool parking lot and moved onward to Earthshaker. The loose snow from lack of traffic was the evil player making every climb pretty much unclimbable. Gord had more issues on his plus bike Stache as I had more traction but once the grainy loose snow was hit on almost any climb it was pretty much game over.

The trails got better on the lower  singletrack sections as there was lots of traffic.

We moved onward and upward to the high side singletrack where my frustrations were quickly lost. It was incredible up there. They call that the Trap? Eh, who cares. That trail has been around forever and will never lose its lustful vigor.

Once down we exited Mill Creek for a quick run in the Old Timers area. The trails were loose yet rideable. Definitely a lot better than my trip after the blizzard.

Back in Mill Creek we rode down a very snowy and sketchy Blue Man where I was surprised that people haven't been on it. In the end, a good ride. Squeaky pedals that I fixed late last week are starting to make their return which made me a bit bitchy.

The ride ended. Fist bumps were had and a small firework display went off. All in honour of the Brethren.

Photo credit. Gord Brenner. From top to bottom. Pics #4,#5, and #7

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