Tuesday, February 20, 2018

4.2 On 42?

The annual birthday ride went down today and in the spirit of tradition I knew there was no way I would hit 42 kilometers on my first ride back since being down and out with a touch of malaria (ok, little bit of an exaggeration there.)

The true plan was to hit 420 meters climbed...

Now that you are all done laughing the truth was forty two minutes. Forty two minutes... A very easy feat to get on a bike. In fact I was twelve minutes away when I took the bottom picture. Did I get there? Nope. Fact is I didn't care. Between the coughing and hacking on this ride from Kinseman to Groat Road and back up the valley next to Victoria road I was quite miserable.

It was terrible. It really was.

Yet, back in my den and feel better than I did when I left to ride today so I guess it was a victory. What is better is more rides will happen now that I broke the seal. Unless I get a relapse of malaria.

i meant to stop at the 4.2 mark and get a pic but i was obviously that disinterested. 

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