Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Short Return

With possible job changes in the works and going on now for over a month now it was a short return back to the valley as I had an appointment in the early afternoon.  This ride almost didn't happen but I forced myself out the door knowing I would only be about an hour or so.

In the end, it was worth the effort. Mill Creek pool to the north side of the river where some sketchy singletrack was ridden in part to it being laced with footsteps. A lot of the trails ridden today (which really weren't that many) were in the same condition. No bike traffic and laced with walkers. I came back via Old Timers and Blue Man.

Nothing too great today. A ho-humm ride where I had no great vibes about being back at home. Could my mind be elsewhere? Only the bike God's know...

Sore Legs and Pure Happiness

 "Fat bikes fucking rule" a guy yelled at me with an ear to ear grin as our fat bikes crossed paths deep in the tight treed single...