Sunday, December 23, 2018

Terwillegar. Land of the Whites

A slow and easy paced roll from Staff College (well one of us started there) through Terwillegar's dark and seedy underbelly on through Oliskew's trails. Dark and seedy underbelly you ask? By dark and seedy I'm talking about good looking white people walking around holding a full Starbucks cup while having deep conversations about what kind of a return they are getting on their G.I.C contributions as of late.  Their BMW's, Audi's and countless SUV's wait in the parking lot.

Damn, that's some fuckin scary shit...

That's some scary shit right there. People were brave enough to come with me and go out into this sketchy area of Edmonton when Jason, Kent and Kent's fine lady Zara showed up. Zara debuted on here last year on this ride click link. "Oh my God! It's a dog behaving incredibly good as it heeled to it's owner when we came along! Run for you lives!" My brain kept telling me to yell but I didn't.

As per the usual lonebiker brethren rides, great company. Zara being still somewhat new to the trails (to fatbikes now) is always impressive as it would seem that absolutely nothing phases her. The sketchy steeps, the iced climbs. Everything was ridden and owned by Zara. That's why I am standing at my computer at attention and saluting. Godspeed Zara!... Godspeed. The smile is probably the best thing, pure joy the whole ride long.

The trail conditions were top notch. Some ice lurked underneath but didn't throw anyone into the trees. A hell of a fine ride with some top notch company.

Pics. Kent Steeves from top. #3, #8, #9.
         Jason Kirkpatrick  from top #4, #10.

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