Thursday, February 28, 2019

A Ride Cut Short

A ride that originated near the Staff College where I dropped into Go Trail and eventually did the now Terwillegar usual Flat Pete and that terrible log trail that is actually fun to ride in the Winter because it has actual flow.

I debated on staying in the valley after realizing I had to make it for home fast as we had company coming earlier in the evening. I exited the valley and rode the old school way to get to Terwillegar through an army of big houses and white judgy soccer moms driving overpriced suv's.

The singletrack leading into the hills took me to Go Trail where I made my triumphant exit.

Today's highlights:

I got to ride a bike, and it was damn fun.

Epic weather conditions.

The snow could have been a bit better but I'm not gonna complain.

Absolutely nobody in the valley.

Today's lowlights:

None, I got to ride a bike you assholes! Why would you think it sucked in any way?

Well, the snow was kinda shitty. There I complained. You all happy?


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