Tuesday, April 9, 2019

A Mix of Trees and Concrete

A Shit Bike ride from Mill Creek to Mackinnon and out into the city where a Kent Meet up was had where we toured the town a bit and rode that fun fucking funicular which by the way...  Just a heads up. Certain aspects of Edmonton's great funicular are really starting to smell like piss.

Yay! I love the public.

I tortured my new Ice Spiker tires on the paved trails and they held me up just fine on some sketchy spots in Mackinnon. The singletrack entrances looked inviting but on a closer inspection you can tell things are not ready. So please stay off kids. It won't be long now.

What's great about Kent is the impromptu meets that can happen. After getting the pic of the Groat Road bridge I checked my phone and with a simple text conversation that went like this:

K: Where you at? I'll be downtown around 4:15 at Iconoclast.

Me: At Groat bridge, I might swing up into town after Mackinnon.

K: coo.

The wording used was different but it was simple. No bullshit. We eventually met and rode around the city. We dodged homeless people, dicks in suits and crazy old women. With reprieve needed from the concrete jungle we funiculared (it's a word, trust me) it down to the Low Level and rode Mill Creek back to the Jeep where he went on his merry way back home.

A fine ride on a fine day.

this shit right here is serious kids

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