Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Rundle Recovery

Now what do you want me to say here exactly? It was a recovery ride from yesterday which to a real cyclist would not warrant a recovery ride but it's me so...

I parked in the land of the weird creepy old man and rode down into the depressing scene of Rundle Park. Is this the cities most depressing park? I'm thinking so. The refineries, the train noise and overall vibe do push this one into the gutter of Edmonton river valley parks.

Yet I still love it, no, not cause it has frisbee golf. It still carries that same vibe the rest of the valley does, just on a lower spectrum is all.

Surprisingly the legs held up on a short ride from the Science Park to Capilano walking bridge and back. A ride that almost didn't happen but it was Mr's Lonebiker who gave the encouraging texts which prompted me to fight through and ride. Believe me. I did not want this one bit.

In the end, it was quite nice. The win of the day was the Moots introduction to Twenty-Nineteen riding. Hell ya baby!

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