Sunday, September 1, 2019

Hero Hill

A surprise on a ride after not being in the valley for pretty much the whole Summer season? I guess these things happen. No I'm not talking about the perfectly good bridge that the city ripped out which will be replaced by a plank making things a lot more dangerous all in the name of safety. By safety I mean people not suing the city.

Fuck all lawyers.

Apologies if you read this and practice law. But you gotta see between the lines on this one right?

This post is about the hill that ended the Highlands golf course multi use. Not about lawyers ripping out bridges. Wait a minute Mr Lonebiker... Did you see the bridge? Was it built correctly? Was there welding? If so how was it? Would the wood hold up? What about the screws, will they hold up?

Ya ya... I kinda get it.

Hero Hill would always end my little trip down Highlands. A trail that sadly I have some dark memories on. The good memories were climbing that hill to get to the bridge. It was always (in my brain) done with a crowd of ladies up top impressed by my amazing climbing skills. Most of the times it was ridden up alone to no applause except for that in my head which helped me get up quicker.

Today I planned on heading down Hero Hill and riding Highlands but was met with a new staircase that must have taken a good chunk of time to build. It was quite impressive. A fine staircase if I say so myself. I did know that hill would be done one day in the name of stairs or another funicular. So I'm not upset.

The rest of the ride? Who cares... It was a quick multi use and paved ride all thanks to even more rain in the region.

Things seem to be on the up and up. Except when it comes to climbing that old dirty hill to get the the pedestrian bridge. R.I.P Hero Hill and Godspeed.

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