Saturday, November 23, 2019

Winter Bike Abuse

I really hated this bike ride. Pretty much from the start in Goldstick park when I started getting soaked from the melted snow, Red dirt from the multi use paths in the area flung up and on to my glasses creating a marred red undesirable view as I rolled along ice and water descending slowly into the valley for what would be truly a shit fest.

I was that guy with the Mandarin neck tattoo that I spoke of earlier.

The fat bike was the wrong choice today. The time out was also a poor choice as I chose the warmest part of the day to ride.

I was quite unsure where to go once at the bottom of the valley. Gold Digger was calling my name but the ice and wetness scared me off and I crossed the river and ascended back up top into the residential bullshit for a ride up top of the valley.

Dawson was crossed with the intention of riding the singletrack back to Goldstick park. It was an amazing idea as some of the best Edmonton trails would have been hit with a Hustler ending back at the Jeep.

I looked at the ice on Caddyshack and rode the paved to the Happy ending entrance. It looked ok so I rode up and turned around soon once the heavy off cambered ice sections greeted me.

I hate this weather. I knew this was going to happen after that glorious snow fall we had.

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