Friday, December 20, 2019

East Side Browsing

The mood in the valley today was one of upmost Christmas cheer. Yep, it's like that old fat red bastard (no I'm not talking about Donald Trump) was out on the trails handing out presents to the dog walkers and runners.

Everyone was in a killer mood today and the festive feeling was incredible. Unfortunately my body was in no mood for bikes today. A terrible cold had rendered me useless for the last few weeks and today I broke snow on the first ride in over a month.

It was a ride in the east side from Capilano park. The original tracks took me from the parking lot to Risky Business via a few trails which I don't know or care the names of. Why you ask? I am middle aged white and grumpy. Do we really need to name every single individual trail in the valley? I mean I get that folks have their sweat and hard work invested in many of these but man... When it comes to blogging. It gets to be a little bit much.

I sat under the Capilano bridge and proceeded to turn back and backtrack to Gold Digger and Hustler. Noble idea until I ran out of gas quickly on Hustler. I hit the abort button and rode up into the residential after crossing the Ainsworth Dyer bridge and climbing out.

A short ride and a warm welcome back.

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