Sunday, December 22, 2019

Post Solstice Brethren Meet Up

A rarity these days. A full on brethren meet up at old Timers just a few short days before Christmas.

The ride took us from the parking lot eastward where Raygun sits. In a week or two when I post the top five rides of the year this one will sit up there for sure.

The snow would be my only complaint of the day but it could have been worse. Shifty sugar snow made the climbs a tad more awkward. My poor handling abilities I presented today did not help one bit. My wipeout count was at three and a half by rides end. The picture below brilliantly captured by Gord shows one of them. Kent had a decent spill (or two) as well. You ask about Gord or Jason. Those mofo's are Hardcore ride leaders. The trails bow to them as they pass!

Well not quite.

We made it to the end of Raygun and sat on top of Groat road and decided to backtrack to Old Timers. Kent had pre Christmas plans and had to flee. Jason had a Christmas hangover all thanks to one of those pesky Christmas parties and had to leave as well. It was Gord's fine idea to ride with Jason back to his place and ride back together.

Kent was gone and with quivering lips we pressed on towards Ewok. As the morning faded away the afternoon came making the snow become a bit more dicy to roll through. We rode eastward through Birdhouse and mid Ewok. We said good bye to Jason and made our way back through the low Ewok river trail.

Again, the lips were quivering.

Mill Creek tempted us and we heeded the call. The upper singletrack was ridden and we crossed down below where the creek flows and found Blue Man group.  At this moment in the ride my legs were done. However Gord was good to go further.

We could have gone all day. The weather was incredible. This is what the perfect Winter bike day is supposed to look like.

now where the hell did i leave my keys? ahh here they are!
mr steeves looked for his keys too

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