Sunday, February 16, 2020

Pulmonary Archery

Best ride of the year thus far hands down. A big thank you to Mrs Lonebiker for pushing me out the door for a late roll through the Hawerlak area from Kinseman. I was hurting from Kent's meet-up yesterday  and was moping around the house. I had told her I planned on a ride this evening but then passed on it from the soreness. The idea of going out to dinner and then coming home to do nothing had my dumb brain in an excited fervour.

I knew she was right, so I went.

Everything seemed to click well tonight. It was one of those rides where things flowed as gracefully as Jesus pouring wine to the gentiles he just made from a dead porpoise (that happened right?) Well I am lying a bit. Raygun had me all over the trail in areas. A small path was there but once you kicked out to the sides trouble was brewing quickly.

The highlight was probably Raygun in the dark. A first for me. It was an invigorating feeling as I rolled through. An army of mini vans and SUV's were somewhat visible at times in Hawerlak down below through the scattered trees for the Silver Skate Festival taking place. I shuddered when I thought about the crowds.

The other highlight was Raven and the epic Winter wonderland scenery I was rolling through in the dusk light. Trying to describe that feeling is impossible and at that moment I felt sorry for people who don't get out and ride bikes.

It really is soul changing at times, I don't care how cheesy that sounds. Riding bikes fucking rules. There seriously is nothing better than what we do kids.

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