Sunday, March 1, 2020

We Are the Sound

What's it been? Twenty plus years of brother in law service where no bike ride took place.  Meet Kurt, an avid runner who rides bikes and most recently got a Winter bike for commuting and living large.

If you didn't get the fat tire pun I threw out in that first paragraph than just leave right now.

So yes, after twenty years of many casual conversations about bikes, trails and the joy of riding that shit we finally met up.  His ride, a Charge, Cooker. A company out of England. This bike is made out of what any manly hardtail should be made of. Steel. The looks of this ride reminds me quite a bit of Surly. This bike being quite rare here does up the cool factor quite a bit.

Kurt has never ventured onto the singletrack, that poor fella. Glad we got to change that today after meeting up in Capilano. Was it MoonService? StarTrail? What the hell is the name of that trail again... Oh wait I got it!  Ah shit... I lost interest. These things wouldn't happen if my computer wouldn't kick me off the internet as its been doing the last few weeks. Screw Kent and his sickness. I'm gonna start a Go Fund me for a new Macbook.

Moonraker (I'm just gonna call it that) was ridden and soon we were on GoldDigger. I led the charge on some skimpy loose snow with hidden ice and full fledged fat bike ruts down almost every single hill. Are people really getting this sloppy nowadays?

Gold Digger was handled by Kurt quite well and we were soon rolling through the porno rag trail. I had forgotten about the amount of sidehill/ off camber riding and felt bad bringing someone out not familiar with the trails. "Don't worry!" I bellowed. "Once we cross the bridge there won't be any of this sidehill riding. We will be in the trees!' I said with the upmost confidence.

We crossed and I soon realized how wrong I was. I mean.. Come on. People who know Hustler trail probably read that with one eyebrow raised. I apologized to Kurt and he was unfazed and was just enjoying the moment. Nice! This world of bikes needs more Kurts!

An exit out and we took the paved to the Science Park Footbridge and back to the GoldDigger singletrack where Kurt ruled the roost yet again.

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