Tuesday, May 26, 2020

A Kurz Kent Encounter

A quick roll through Terwillegars Firemans hill down a slick and steep hill that I would not recommend riding right now. Shots of rain here and there lately have things kind of ok but not great. The social media posts I read this afternoon before I left all say everything is prime right now but you know something kids?

Social media sucks mutated penile rubbish from a cesspool of dead cockroaches.

*Lights cigar.

*Interns "OMG, he is going to type something so profound right now and were gonna witness it!"

No I got nothing and don't smoke cigars, they are apparently bad for you. I think there are a lot of people who base their potential rides as to what social media is telling them. A practice that I sincerely think is quite lame but I guess it works for some people. I was thinking of the earlier Instagram posts where trails were called out as being in prime condition as me and Kent discussed whether we should try Firemans. We both thought it would be touch and go which it was. The final steep downhill was shitty but if you kept out of the small crevasse we were all right.

With a short timeline on Kent's side and me pulling my riding skills out of amateur hour we rode the everlong Oliskew singletrack trails. I'm proud to say I rode the Log trail. Hold on... LoganPine? Ummmm... wait. I got this.

The Log Trail Before Flat Pete?
Log Rider?
Log Trail Terrific?
The Oliskew Log Trail?
A Log a Skip and a Jump?
Logs a Plenty?

Oh man... I don't know. So embarrassing.

"Interns! Some help here!" I yell in their direction.

"Logarythmic boss!"

Ah yes, Logarythmic! "You do know its spelled wrong right?" I quickly let the interns know. "It's with an I, not a Y."


Well apparently nobody cares. Hell, maybe I'm wrong. So where were we? Yes, Logarithmic (that's how it's spelled, even my computer agrees)  was ridden in the summer months and I didn't find it too bad for the first time. The lack of flow was not an issue which it usually is. That could be the case or my crappy bike handling skills went hand in hand.

We got through Flat Pete and things were decent but not great as far as mud goes. It is rideable at the current time.

It was Farmers daughter and the myriad of other trails that took us back. Conditions were great and I beat my bike up on the short climbs by shifting too late or picking the worst line possible. Kent on his single speed kept himself tucked in nice and close and professional as per the usual Kent ways whilst I fought through all the granny gears angrily.

The ride back through Terwillegar's wonderful suburban landscape took us to the highest point in Edmonton. That's right, approximatively 688 meters above sea level. Suck it John Denver.

hats off to the beaut of a bridge built at the entrance to firemans

* Kent Steeves 4th pic down, the best pic easily on here. Hats off to mr Steeves.

Beer Friday. Driftwood Brewery, Fat Tug IPA

 Well here we are bringing back beer Friday after a few absent weeks.  Or so I think..  I feel like it's been a month or so but who know...