Thursday, June 4, 2020

Mojo's Ahoy

A meet with Kent and his lovely lady Zara on their brand spanking new Ibis Mojo's for their second or third ride on the brand new wonder bikes.

Their ride started near my lady Victoria and I started in the old school Mill Creek area. A couple texts later and we met in Mill Creek. A late night for me and early morning had me feeling like I was coming off nights. An energy drink prior to the ride did absolutely nothing but probably filled me with un-needed sugar which did nothing.

The ride was slow paced throughout Mill Creeks multiple singletrack trails taking us to the Trap. We dropped out and headed east towards Ewok. Trail conditions were all fine with a few puddles in areas and heavy bush growth in others. So yes, a very normal Edmonton Summer like trail ride.

The bikes were obviously super sexy and reminded me of the early Lonebiker days on my Mojo. A full XTR build. The Mojo is a full carbon build which includes the rear triangle unlike my Altitude. Some would say it would possibly make for a more loose and springy back end but I never had an issue with the carbon rear end. From the reports I got back from the cutest couple that hang in the river valley the bikes are solid all around.

The plan is to ride them in the mountains a ton and I must say. Godspeed Zara and Kent. These are the perfect bikes for the big mountains. 170mm on the front and 153mm on the back will handle anything thrown at you. The 650b wheels will handle anything, not too big, not too small.

As for the ride? Besides being too tired to ride and way too tired to write this it was top notch. The Moots was picked up afterwards with a dramatic new drivetrain which should hopefully debut tomorrow.


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