Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The I Miss Sports Ride

A roll around town starting at John Fry park visiting all the sports facilities for the pro and university teams. Yes I miss sports. Pretty sure we would be knee deep in the playoffs if the Oilers were playing hopefully beating the Flames. Ugh, I hate those Flames! I like having baseball and basketball games on in the house when I am home. I don't watch I just listen to them, I like the noise, the announcers, the fans. It’s oddly soothing. I feel a lot of people do this. The sports networks have been replaying old games and it is not the same.

It was a longer ride for the year and a good one. I'll keep the text short as there are lot's of pics. I stayed off the trails as I am assuming they were too wet like a good boy.

wide open space to ride on whyte right now, seems unnecessary but i'll take it
the former trappers home, now the prospects
wayne gretzky used to live here... cool huh? wait, not cool? well the pic below is directed at you!
these things right here... the worst
clarke stadium, home of fc edmonton (and many other teams) and former home to many a drunk eskimo fans
the home of many a drunk eskimo fans
this place on a hot july evening, pretty great 
you've seen enough of this place on lonebiker, move on 
the former oiler barn now looks so forgotten
expo centre, home of the edmonton stingers
* Could this post have the lamest title in Lonebiker history? I gotta go back to songs..

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