Monday, June 8, 2020

Tour à vélo de Beaumont

the endless paved trails district
It was a front tire disaster that kept me from the valley on what would have been a short ride anyways. The disaster was the Stan's had dried up and the tire would not inflate. Hence, a run downstairs in the basement and a bottle of Stan's Was brought up. The proper and more intelligent cyclist, blogger would have measured the proper amount and put it in the tire. Me. I squeezed every last drop of that Stan's until that fuckin bottle made a farting noise and I giggled like a school girl.

I had to get something to inflate my tires as I had been riding around for about 5 months or longer with no pumps. I just high fived an intern than fired him for high living me for that. I drove to MEC and I had other adult shitty stuff to do so I cancelled the valley ride and opted for homebase. Was it karma for my assholiness that came in droves as I drove by the Best Buy and laughed at all the chumps lined up outside.

"What a bunch of assholes" I said quietly under my breath like the very douchy white guy that I complain about on here.

The karma hit me when I pulled up to MEC and the lineup went around the corner. "Well fuck" I said under my breath...

I had no choice. I needed to get inside.

The Beaumont ride below in pics.

the beaumont grocery district

the beaumont fucked up house district

the beaumont "FORE!" district

the beaumont coronavirus outdoor eating cafe district (i really don't know what this is)

the beaumont hero district. you're god damn right!

the beaumont brewery district. come here, its delicious, check hrs first

the beaumont not forgotten district

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