Saturday, October 10, 2020

A Dipstick Rides in Goldstick

A very short and uninspired ride in the Refinery district hoping for a little fresh air topped off with some cancer cause you know.... refineries. Goldstick Park was the start and soon I smuggled my way onto Hustler and rode the sweet singletrack out to the multi use trails. Confusion set in quickly as to where to go and I crossed the Ainswworth Dyer and turned back not knowing where to go. 

Quickly I decided to go back to the trails and rode GoldDigger and was quite annoyed at the high number of users on the trail. Middle aged soccer Mom chicks are now a common theme on the trails and it is great. No, it really is. That is one of the more fascinating things of these times as the 90's had very little middle aged women on the trails. I would guess that they brought their husbands as  they are heavy in numbers as well as of late. 

More Dads at the end (myself included) of Golddigger before crossing the road and deciding to just pack the ride in after a quick coffee break at Capilano. 

I intended to ride the trails back but an absolute lack of spunk had me cross the river and ride residential roads back to Rundle where I found my way back. 

Don't Lose Wednesday

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