Saturday, October 24, 2020

Beer Friday. Banded Peak Brewing, Mount Crushmore


As another week off rolls by with hardly any riding its time to reflect... What good does riding bikes in the woods do for you? Surely it does nothing but plug up the roads some car enthusiasts and dumb fuck rednecks would probably think. When one gets into an argument with one of these noble people I enjoy shutting them up when I let them know I pay taxes which pays for the roads which shuts their registration theory up quite quick. 

Seriously... How dumb are these people? 

Whoa! Am I in a mood tonight! You see first hand what happens when I don't ride my bike. A great one was had Thursday and now may have to wait till Tuesday as things are happening in the family at a furious pace. 

Yes Tuesday... A day before the day before work! A week off and maybe I'll get rides in. That is unacceptable especially after a one ride showing last set off. Are the wheels falling off the Lonebiker train? I'm pretty sure we will be fine. Once this week blows over I should be fine... Should I?

*opens phone camera, looks at self, asks self "will I be fine?'

*fingers crossed. 

We poured this fine Calgarian Pilsner into a testing mug and enjoyed a magnificently mastered pour showed off it's attributes. A two and one quartered head stood proudly and soon dissipated into whiffs of lacing making any proper beer connoisseurs loins tingle. 

 A quick sniff gave me hints of what any sort of decent pilsner would smell like. Which were earthly grassy hops and hints of dried corn. The first mouth swirl was pleasant. A definite concoction of  a light blonde ale kept me thinking on the first few sips. It was a very pleasant beer as any good pilsner should be, this one has slight corn and earthy hops. 

Why do I see farmfields when I drink this? I just think these things when drinking this one..

This beer gets 4 suds out of 5.

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