Monday, February 8, 2021

The Post Super Bowl Orange Bike Mill Creek Scamper

An old school parking start in the mighty Mill Creek on a day off taken as I am a big nerd and think the Super Bowl should be a long weekend. Was it Tom Brady that just won his seventh Super Bowl the one that inspired me to ride in the so called 'Polar Vortex.' Is naming the weather changes a new thing or have they always done this?

Yes it's cold here. I think it's quite deserving as we have had it pretty easy for the majority of the winter. The desire to ride was strong once I woke up, a quick check on my funny weather app that swears at you and I knew it would be a short little scamper avoiding frostbite and various other things that can go wrong in this weather. 

AS I said I started at the old school Mill Creek parking spot and rode the paved trails until I crossed seventy sixth ave and dropped into the trees via the funnest quick little downhill probably in the whole ravine.  I soon found Earthshaker and the vast amazeness of the whole area made the unbearable cold unnoticeable. 

Kids. Bikes are simply the greatest things on earth.

The trails are in good shape, at least in the ravine. I found the end, took a picture of downtown and rode up into the multi use and turned for home. Yes this was a Mill Creek only trip and I stuck to the multi use and away from the Trap as I had developed a cramp and figured to take it easy home. 

In the end, a short but fun ride. We hope to get out and ride on days off which start Thursday and the weather may still be the same so, hooray... 

some of the things you come across... 

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