Friday, February 12, 2021

The Valley of Emptiness

A start in the land of the creepy old man for another short roll through the valley.

"Land of the creepy old man?" you ask. It's a Science Park thing.

Parking at the ski hill in an empty parking lot wondering where all the skiers where. This hill has always been closed when I think they are open and they are open when I assume they are closed. Well no, that last bit was not true, I do vaguely remember seeing this hill open yet how often do I visit the area..? 

I dropped into the valley and crossed and stuck to the multi use path along the river and took the ridge singletrack section before crossing the Ainsworth Dyer bridge. Does that little trail have a name? Hold on a second... Well whaddya know! That trail does have a name and its called...

Drumroll please!

Get Ready To Rundle. See kids. Every trail gets a name in this 2021 new world. This short little trail has been there since the dawn of time, well at least since I started riding bikes in nineteen ninety one and no that was not a brag on my tenure of riding, it was more of a nod to Get Ready to Rumble as that little fun nugget of joy has been around since the beginning of my riding days. 

What was eerie is I did not see a soul until I climbed out into the neighbourhood for a planned ride through, once back in the valley it was creepy quiet again. Not even a car in the few sparse parking lots.

It was up into the madness that is suburbia, yet this area is quite nice with old homes and decent yards with houses that are properly spaced apart like a true neighbourhood should be. I rode the high unchallenging roads until I came across the drop in to the pedestrian bridge linking you to Capilano Park.

I then rode MoonRaker at the start of the treatment plant and soon found  GoldDigger and thankfully people. Quite a few cross country skiers were in the area and I rode the trail like a good boy stopping and yielding for the skiers. 

On the back end I rode the big climb to the very top and avoided the 'Wimps Route' which I dubbed today and will call it that from now on. Did I mention that I rode to the top? Well after passing Wimps Route I powered out and walked to the top. So there... I ain't so special. 

I still did go to the top though. So there... 

Yes I know I had to walk the bike...


Do I have to fire some more interns? 

Afterwards I crossed the Ainsworth Dyer for a return on Get Ready to Rundle and the multi use. I crossed the bridge back to the Science Park for my fourth river crossing of the day. A strange feat I was proud of for a short ride. 

Not gonna lie... The valley could have used some more people today. A strange thing to say for me. 


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