Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Rides on Pavement

 When the highlight of your ride is peeing in a city of Edmonton parking garage chances are my friend that you didn't have a crazy fun ride. I completely blame work as I start another rotation tomorrow and I have been moping around the house just because of it. 

Yes, I can be a real bitch sometimes. This is a real problem and it does affect my mood on the last day. The sadness stems from having to put away the bike and everything else that is fun for a full week. With 14 hour days including travel to and from work there is very little time to do anything. 

The ride is not worth mentioning as it was a very routine roll from Kinseman down bike lanes and paved paths heading downtown. 

We did wimp out when the snow hit us. Not gonna lie. I was all gung ho when it was coming down to do some winter riding but when it came down to it I did not want to deal with the mess and the cold. I had my share of coldness throughout the winter. 

So yes.. Terribly sorry for the lame bike ride and write up. There is a small chance of a ride on Friday as I start this set on days but have to switch to nights which leaves my entire Friday night open. 

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