Saturday, April 10, 2021

Recon at Home Base

I guess I could call Mill Creek my home base. That isn't stepping on any weird boundaries or crossing any sort of line right? I don't know... I feel like I have to ask. We are in the era of the ultra offended after all.

See, I bet that first quick paragraph offended somebody. 

It was a Velodrome start today with intentions of checking out some singletrack. I soon found myself in Earthshaker and was happy to see everything was top notch. If you are not aware and don't know the area Earthshaker is up in the hills so it dries quicker. Me and my dumb ass just assumed everything was good to ride but quickly ran into some road blocks. Well... Mud blocks. See what I did there? Boom. 

It was in the low spots that I ran into mud and like the genius I was I cancelled any more singletrack excursions because everything is a 'mud pit.' Well for a few kilometres then I woke up. Yes, I felt like that uninformed guy who gets his opinions about the pandemic from Facebook or Twitter and spouts off his opinion ignoring the professionals. 

Well that was a weird tangent now was it? 

I took the outside paved loop from the Low Level westward till I hit the Menzies and crossed back. This was about the time I realized up high singletrack should be fine. I avoided the low Canada Cup trail next to Kinseman cause it's low.

Holy shit guys. I am showing my true genius here.

West Coast trail scared me for some reason and I rode the high sides of the Old Timer trails. Do those other trails have a name? Shocked if they don't. It was a successful skinny bridge crossing and the trees did not take me out. A slight return of pride after having to walk up some greasy root infested hills that I have ridden up in the past.

It was The Trap in Mill Creek where a high number of riders who all looked quite experienced could not communicate one bit and they kept coming... All I wanted to know was how many more after the guy passing? Nope. Not a word. Once the train passed  I scooted home and had a much bigger victory after conquering the climb up Hi Spot. It literally has been a couple years since that has happened. 

All in all, not a bad ride. I was sore from yesterday and had two amazing rides in a row so I felt the cards would not be in my favour. Tomorrow was supposed to be a day off but now I am thinking a fat bike ride. We are getting absolutely hammered right now. Stay tuned. 

why riding through mud is bad, when you don't ride through it but go around. lots of damage there and now those areas are muddied up so people will keep making new paths while destroying the area. this shit drives me nuts


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