Friday, April 9, 2021

Team Mut's and Paved

There it is again, that conspicuous high you get from the high merits rewarded from another top notch bike ride. I really wish you could just feel like this all the time, now wouldn't that be super stellar? Yes,I'm high as hell from riding again. I had this feeling from yesterday's ride only tonight it is a lot stronger. A few more miles were tackled today but they were all mostly paved and as you know paved riding can cover a lot of kilometres in a hurry. 

I departed Fort Edmonton's parking lot with fresh spaghetti stains on my shirt and I am sure a few noodle straddlers caught up in my playoff beard. I went westward with intentions of riding Flat Pete  and looping around and riding directly into Karenville... Gasp! What a crazy fucktard I can be sometimes!

I took the high paved by Fort Edmonton with intentions of making it some sort of figure 8 and riding the multi use on the way back. After crossing Fort Ed. bridge I noticed some heavy mudded sections at the entrance to Flat Pete and I aborted the mission. I stayed on the paved and soon found Oliskew Meadow trail and came across quite a bit of mudded out sections. People had already avoided the area creating tracks all over the place. 

I decided to give up and just ride paved. 

I rode up into the sweet housing of Terwillegar and and rode the multi use along the rivers edge and Fort Edmonton. I stayed true to my plan and tested out the singletrack in Karenville. One of them gave me stink eye as I rolled into the trails...

I crossed and the pedestrian bridge and the multi use of Hawerlak took me out. Soon after some more paved and a bridge crossing I found myself at Ezio Ferone park for a quick coffee break. It was a weird mix of absolute douchebaggery from the men and the women equally. I quickly felt bad for the human race and got the hell out of there. 

The High Level took me across again and it was pretty much downhill all the way back to the Jeep. 

Hellz yeah kids, today was awesome. 

some of the muck in oliskew, yes it could be a lot worse


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